Monday, May 30, 2011

Fable of the days of yore long forgotten...

Once upon the time the giants walked the Earth. They built spacecraft, aircrafts, big ships, submarines, air defense systems. The gold was not a problem - any time when the Russian Bear growled in the woods, the Wise Councils opened their purse.

And then the Russian Bear have thrown the towel and the gold spring has gone dry (almost). Meanwhile the mean gnomes have overcome the world with their fancy software gadgets, and Eastern Dragons took over the commodities market. And then the Internet came - the wild beast that nobody could tame but everybody could ride.

And the giants retreated into these cave called NCOSE and then INCOSE. Meanwhile their legacy was forgotten and replaced by endless scrolls of SE standards and procedures.

Many young knights, peasants and serfs tried to seek their wisdom but they could not understand the language the giants spoke so they invented many languages of their own and the story of Babel tower repeated once again. But the giants laid silently in their cave speaking only once in a while and their voice has grown feebler and feebler until nothing was heard anymore.

I hope that I overreacted in the sadness of the fable - but this is the impression young SEs has of the SEs of old - there is a lot of wisdom but spoken in the obscure language.

Am I right or am I wrong or maybe I just dreaming?

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