Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fourth Secret of Integration - Intelligent Evolution

Some circles still dispute relative merits of the Theory of Evolution and Belief of Intelligent Design. Without entering the fray myself I want to ask: Intelligent? Design? The proponents of ID claim that the complex system we observe in nature are so beutiful that this suggest that somebody has designed them. The Book doesn't support this claim - it specifically states that God has created the world and not designed. So I suppose the ID people just grant us engineers too much credit - we tend to give up design and turn to evolution when faced with complexity not other way around.

Paul Graham in his essays reveals the secret of creative programming (and writing, and building start-ups) - build something that works and then iterate until it's good. Refactoring patterns of Agile Programming suggest the same. Fast Prototyping - once again. We know that the evolution is better than design. It's exactly what Integration is all about - evolving the system until it's fit for the Judgement Day - sorry - the System Testing.

So the Fourth Secret of Integration may be formulated as "The Integration is an Intelligent Evolution of (hopefully) Intelligently Designed Systems until they're fit to be Judged".

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